About Us

About Us

History is known simply as the study of the past events but it goes beyond just the study of past event because the world is experiencing and learning as time goes on so history has a large part to play in our daily lives or existence.

Scholars who write about history are called historians and Herodotus is considered as the father of History but every single individual has a strong knowledge of the past so it should also be classified as a power everyone one possess.

History is most often split in to two areas, history and prehistory. History covers human history dating back as far as written records go; pre-history is the time before this, when information is found entirely through Archaeology.

Through the study of history we have been able to learn about the good deed and bad deed that the world has witnessed from the Cave Men to the Present day. These events has shaped and destroyed Empires and Kingdoms.

The study of history will help educate, entertain and brighten our views on matters and help us gain experience in order to tackle future challenges and avoid future damages.

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