About Us

About Us

We are a league of passionate progressive writers who wants to share our ideas to a vast range of audience all over the world from a different perspective. We make use of historical approach and ideas that are real and in occurrence to voice our opinion on thing. 

The idea surrounding our blog is for a noble cause, we write not for the lost of conquers, we write to inform and liberate. We believe all human are a single community of people whether white or black, skins and label separate us not unite us because we remain the human race. 

We know we cannot cover everything in the world but we can try to bring to light what you don't know or what you already have an idea about. We are humans and we are not perfect but we would work towards doing our best to serve you the best content. 

Our content will cover topic relating to history, politics, international relations, social problems, geography and if possible something that you don't expect that is very informative, we keep studying, researching and investigating to bring you the best.


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