There have been calls that genocide is ongoing in China's Xinjiang region. A region with a considerable number of Muslims who make up of majority ethnic group along with a Han minority population. But before we go down into details on the ongoing crisis is in Xinjiang Province against the Uighurs it's important they will understand the history and how it all started. 

So who are the Uighurs, they are a turkey minority ethnic group that has a cultural affiliation with the general region of East Asia and Central Asia. Officially recognized as one of the 35 ethnic minority groups in China the Uighurs resides in the Xinjiang autonomous region in Northwest China with a population of over 12 million people living there. Though the ethnic group can be found in Kazakhstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and Jordan hosting a considerable number of the population. 

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The history of the Uighurs in China and the conflict can be traced back to the Manchu Qing Dynasty westward extension which took over Tibet, Xinjiang, and Mongolia. The Westward advancement incorporated a lot of ethnic group groups into China which resulted in ethnic disagreement between them and an independent movement. Now you will ask if Xinjiang has any strategic importance to China well it does because it's got oil gas and a lot of the world's cotton production comes from the region not forgetting that the belt and Road initiative passes through there. The ongoing Uyghur crisis is considered as one of the worst human rights abuses in modern days, though the Chinese government has denied and ignored many calls for order. 

The Uighurs are being arrested and detained in camps that the Chinese government claims are for the re-education of terrorist and succession groups but that wasn't after tough denial of even having the camp in the first place. The Crackdown began after some terrorist group carried out a series of attacks that supports East Turkestan which is the planned state of the Uighurs if they eventually leave China. The fact is that a lot of operation is ongoing against the Uyghur population and the world is turning a blind eye it's obvious that cultural genocide is unfolding. How long will it go on, even though the Chinese government is trying hard to suppress media coverage in the region but time will tell.

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