Thiaroye Massacre: When French forces killed French West African troop
The Thiaroye Massacre is a little-known history of how French forces opened fire on their fellow fighters who had helped them liberate France after it was captured by Nazi Germany. The massacre took place on 1st December 1944 in Senegal and it led to the death of over 300 French West African troops, though the French government has continued to underplay the number of dead to 30 to 35 veterans.

The regiment was known as the Tirailleurs Senegalais (Senegalese sharpshooters) whose troops were recruited from Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Chad, Benin, Gabon, Central African Republic, Togo, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. About 17,000 of these men died in the defense of France from Nazi occupation a lot of them were captured and suffered terribly at the hands of racist Germans. The former prisoners of war, who have been freed from Nazi camps, were taken to a holding facility in Thiaroye, which is located on the outskirts of Dakar Senegal's capital.

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The crime of the soldiers were simply demanding equal pay with their fellow white soldiers and also demanding they get paid they held wages. After the liberation of France, the French West African black troops were stripped of their uniform and sent back to Africa, they were not part of the liberation ceremony nor part of the history of french’s heroes of the Second World War.

The unpaid wages and poor treatment led to the protest by the African veterans, they protested unarmed but were met with live fire from French troops using an armoured car, mounted machine guns, and a tank. Many of the protesters were arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison by military tribunal. Though they were granted amnesty later in 1947, some were already dead by then, and also the mass grave where the bodies of the killed veterans were buried is yet to be discovered.

Thiaroye Massacre: When French forces killed French West African troop

France and its government have continued to cover and suppress the dark part of its history, it has not been taught in their schools, and a movie about the incident “Camp de Thiaroye in 1988” was banned from airing in France and Senegal. Africans and Arabs outnumbered the whites in Charles de Gaulle's French Free Army but the best French government can do about the incident was to acknowledge that the event took place but never apologized or exposed who ordered the attack. History will always have it that there was a time when the Blacks or Africans came to aid the French in their battle against tyrants tyranny and in return those shooting at them were white and the victims were black.

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