The Combine Together and Create Action Foundation is one of the largest youth-led social activism platforms inspiring the youth to support the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and rise up to fight a social cause. 

Founded by Maneesh Vallurupalli, a high school student in the United States, this organization was initially launched as a social media account and officially became a nonprofit in 2019. After the launch of this organization, the Combine Together and Create Action Foundation currently has 18 chapters located around the United States, Kenya, Nigeria, Italy, and India with over 100 activists in the organization. The activists collectively fought for human rights, inspired youth activists, held climate change events, and ran programs to raise funding for social causes.

As a growing organization, they are inspiring other youth to take action and project to over 500 activists in the organization by the end of 2021.

Maneesh came up with the idea for this organization after a trip to India to a developing town where farmers were unable to get the necessary funding to grow a new crop after their old crops were dying due to climate change. This really inspired him to become a climate activist while

also creating change in developing countries such as Kenya and Nigeria. So far, he is amazed at how many young people are joining the organization to support change in the environment, education, and healthcare sectors.

Currently, the organization is working on farmers rights through the development of the Acreage Tool, a sales management system and global database for farmers.

“I have been working on Farmer's rights since my trip to India, and the development of this tool is one of the first steps we are making to fight for change. The organization has been continuously keeping up with the recent 2020 India farmer’s protests and has spoken with many politicians and nonprofit executives to bring change,” says Maneesh Vallurupalli.

The organization is further working on other issues in the sectors of healthcare, education, and the environment, and it has partnered with global nonprofits and corporations, ranging from Future Coalition to Amazon, to raise funding and onboard more young activists. From writing an educational curriculum book to develop education in Kenya to working on human rights activism in Nigeria to working on climate activism in Italy to working on farmer’s rights activism in India, the organization spans with young leaders around the world.

More information on how to become a youth activist or join the organization can be found at

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